Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

R sys's applicant tracking system is a software application that enables the electronic handling of HR consultant needs. Most major consultant are using some form of applicant tracking system to handle job applications and to manage resume data. 

The principal function of an ATS is to provide a central location and database for a consultant’s recruitment efforts. ATSs are built to better assist management of resumes and applicant information. Data/profile is collected from internal applications. This was extracted from applicants on job boards. Our ATS is using artificial intelligence (AI) tools and natural language processing (NLP) to facilitate intelligent guided semantic search capabilities that allow consultants to score and sort resumes with better alignment to the job requirements and descriptions. 

ATS is used for customer relationship management software. It stores customer related information includes agreement, contact person information and payment schedules. Based on requirement location, ATS will communicate location specific HR Manager and send invoices to account department. Our application is easily manage customer specific invoice as well as profile tracker. 

Generally, In HR Consultant place, Recruiters and Account team required better co-ordination for invoice and payments. All reminders for candidate presence, invoice generation, payment follow-up are taken care by ATS. ATS can also help Business Development manager by storing all lead communications. It is also supporting mass email posting or SMSs. 

ATS fall under data protection legislation;We are checking possibility to provide this software to small HR consultants on SaaS Model.

Product Features

  • Profile Parser
    • Contact Details (Email Address and Phone number)
    • Home Address
    • Education Information
    • Experience Summary
    • total 20 different information
  • Customer Information
    • Agreement Details with due date
    • Payment terms 
    • Invoice format & Profile tracker
    • Location specific contact details
  • Maintain Candidate History 
    • Scheduled Interviews
    • Feedback from interviewers
    • Recruiter's feedback
  • Emails
    • JD to candidates
    • Profiles to Client
    • Feedback Mail
    • Invoice
    • Payment reminder
  • SMS
    • Interview reminders
    • Interview locations
  • Employee Management
    • Salary Calculation
    • Leave  Management